You know what they say: Practice makes perfect! So download the Runtastic app, lace up and start preparing for your 10K today. This free app will help you track your training runs, keep an eye on your progress (hello, improving pace!) & much more.

1. Download the Free App!

Download the free app to get started.

2. Plot Your Own Route!

Whether you’re training for one of our flagship events, Fun Runs, or you’re running your own 10k, not a problem! -- Runtastic has a Route feature for that. After downloading the Runtastic app, visit to map out your perfect route. Share your route & accomplishment with your friends on social media when you're done! Maybe you can motivate them to join in, too.

3. Make Running Fun!

Training for a great cause is noble. Having fun along the way? Ideal! Let Runtastic keep you motivated and entertained as you work towards race day. We've got interval workouts, Story Runs and more at your fingertips. Plus, connect with new, active folks within our worldwide Runtastic community.