General Questions

How can I sign up for the events?
What is the difference between the events in New York City, Chicago and San Francisco and the Fun Runs taking place in Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Los Angeles and Washington D.C.?
I am a retailer or a community organization; can I host a Fun Run?
What is the Run On Your Own event?
How do I start my own team for the Run On Your Own event?
How long are the RUN 10 FEED 10 routes?
What are the Entry Fees?
What do I get for my entry fee?
Do I need to fundraise in addition to paying my registration fee?
I registered on Crowdrise; does this mean I’m registered for the race?
What are the age limits for the events?
Are the events open to men?
Where can I find the course maps?
Will I receive a refund if I cannot attend? Can someone else run with my number?
What is FEED?
Who benefits from my fundraising efforts?
Are jogging strollers allowed during the race or Fun Run?
Are pets allowed during the race or Fun Run?
Can I run with headphones?
Will I receive a t-shirt with my registration?
How long do I need to train for RUN 10 FEED 10?
What is the FREE running app?
Can I participate if I live outside the United States?
Are you accepting Volunteers?

Race-Specific Information

(New York City and San Francisco)

How will I receive my race bib and timing chip?
Can someone else pick-up my race packet for me?
Where is packet pick up located?
What is the deadline for registration?
Will there be water stations?
Where can I park?
What are the race start times? What time should I arrive?
Is there a bag check?
Is there a time limit?
Are there corrals?
What roads will be closed and when will they open?

Fun Run Specific Information

(Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago Denver, Detroit, Los Angeles, Washington D.C.)

When and where are the Fun Runs located?
What time should I arrive?
Will there be road closures for the Fun Runs?
Will there be water stops?
Is there a bag check?
What is the deadline for registration?


Will there be an awards ceremony?
What are the award groups? What will the winners receive?
What are the age groups?